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I want to get my password to access the tool while in development mode.

JS API RollMyFile Key

hi Rollapp I'm trying to get a key for my domain but I can't find it can you guide me to get it thanks for your time

How to embedde in our website

Hi, how to embedde in website in asp.net

Integration in web application

Hi, I want to use rollApp in my web application. I have already sent an email to support, but still no reply. Can you please provide me the details

App key

How can i obtain the key for this javascript code: var rollMyFile = new RollMyFile(key);

Edit Functionality

Hello, I want to use edit functionality in my application i have tried that but it not work for me? It cannot save updated file to my server Thank

Developer Licenced

Hello, Can i get the trial of myapp for mu application. Is there a way to get the developer licence? Thanks

Integrate in my Html Page

Hello, can i open the file in my html page, instead of new tab opening. Actually i wat to open the document in the same page of mine. Can i achive this using the current js? Thanks

About the new release api

You said that there is an separate Api which takes Url and stores the file. Can you please give the timeline when that api will release.

Customizing the rollmyfile.js api

So can i achive that ?The above question which were asked by me.And can i customize save action. i.e want to save the file from my created button. Please let me know is it possible in current release. If yes let me know how ?