This API allows to launch applications hosted on rollApp Cloud Platform.

This API allows launching applications hosted on rollApp Cloud Platform. It is primarily targeted at software developers and ISVs who want to make their applications available to the users directly in the browser.

Key benefits of running apps in the cloud:

  • Users do not have to download, install or configure the application before use. The app is ready to use in one click
  • Application can be used on any device. Even if an application has to be run on Windows, when hosted in the cloud, a user with Chromebook can use it
  • In the cloud, an application can utilize more resources (RAM and CPU) than is available on user's computer

How does it work?

rollApp's Cloud Apps API provides access to rollApp cloud application hosting platform. With this API you, as the developer of an application, retain full control over the interaction with the users before and after they used the application.

  • applications are executed in a white-label mode with rollApp branding removed
  • isolated from cloud service and does not require users to have an account with rollApp
  • all aspects of the relationship with the users and account management are under your full control

Using rollApp Cloud App API in JavaScript

On a page, where you want to let users open files, you simply do the following

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    var key = "SeCur3AP1K3y";
    var rollAppCloud = new RollAppCloud(key);

And then all it takes to launch your application is