Retrieves current configuration and status of the applications that were launched using the given API key.

var status = rollAppCloud.status();

This function returns a data object with the following fields:

statusTrue, if status retrieval was successful
quotasmaximum number of app slots available with this API key. Grouped by size
usedQuotasnumber of app slots currently in use. Grouped by size
usedAppSlotstotal number of app slots currently in use
runningSessionslist of currently running applications along with data about them

Information returned about the running applications:

sessionIdunique ID of the session
appAliasalias (identifier) of the application running in this session
registeredDtstimestamp of when the session was started

Here is a sample response to the status() call:

    "usedQuotas": {
        "xs": 1,
        "s": 0,
        "m": 0,
        "l": 0,
        "xl": 0
    "runningSessions": [
            "sessionId": "71105bcb-6eba-4fcd-80da-77f84866cd15",
            "registeredDts": "2019-04-01T00:25:50.653000",
            "appAlias": "localc"
    "quotas": {
        "xl": 3,
        "m": 3,
        "l": 3,
        "s": 3,
        "xs": 3
    "success": true,
    "usedAppSlots": 1